About us

LA Virtuosi


Who we are and what we do

The Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra is a dynamic ensemble devoted to the advocacy and support of music education. Founded in 2013 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, the ensemble was formed on the core belief that an orchestra is a unique educational resource.

The orchestra's music director, musicians, staff and board members strive to bring the wealth of life-enriching opportunities available through the symphonic musical experience to individuals and students of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

The Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra has created a new paradigm of giving, allocating 100% net revenue from subscription performances to advance music education. 

The orchestra implements its outreach in collaborative partnerships with the community, schools, agencies and other arts organizations, and puts into action activities designed to advance student learning, development and creativity.


The Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra envisions a world in which every young person has access to music education.


Our mission is to serve as a catalyst in reaffirming, advocating and supporting music education in schools and in the community.

Core Values

Accountability. We monitor our charitable giving to ensure maximum impact, efficiency and transparency. We engage in and support research promoting the benefits of music education.

Collaboration. We tailor our performances and educational programs to address the community’s distinctive resources and implement our outreach through collaborative partnerships with individuals, stakeholders, policy leaders, schools, districts and institutions.

Commitment. We are committed to our educational cause, allocating 100% net ticket revenue from subscription performances to advance music education.                 

Excellence. We strive for excellence in our performances and in the educational programs we support.

Innovation. We embrace technology and innovation to make our performances and educational activities current and accessible, and to widen the reach of our message.