Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles is a private, bilingual, and international school founded in 1964 by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kabbaz. In these five decades, the school has expanded from one building to six beautiful campuses.

As a California non-profit corporation in the West Los Angeles area, Le Lycée is proud of its strong French roots, but it is truly an international school representing two strong educational philosophies, the French school system and the American school system. No knowledge of French is necessary to attend. Le Lycée opens it arms to all serious students who are interested in a traditional education in an international environment.

From preschool through first grade, Le Lycée is a bi-lingual school; all children are taught in both English and in French. Thereafter, the school offers two programs:

The International School Program, taught in English, aligns itself with the California Standards, and offers a superlative college preparation program. Each student in this section receives a hard-earned high school diploma. All students at Le Lycée, regardless of program, become proficient in the French language.

The French School Program, taught primarily in French, follows the official curriculum issued by the French Ministry of Education. Students who complete this program will sit for the prestigious French Baccalauréat exam or the new French American Baccalauréat (FAB). Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles has an outstanding passage rate for these rigorous tests.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the French Ministry of Education accredit the school from Preschool to 12th grade. Our faculty come from all over the world with a large number from France and the United States. With 125 teachers for a student population of around 1000, insuring our teacher-student ratio remains small. Le Lycée always strives to keep classes small to maintain a high level of individual attention for each student.


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