Music Education Resource List

Supporting the development and advancement of music education, the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra has created the music education resource list below with information about organizations advocating and promoting music and arts education.


These organizations provide support for music and the arts at the state, national and international level.

Foundations, Endowments and Grant Programs

These organizations and institutions provide support to the arts in the forms of grants and endowments.

Campaigns, Initiatives and Partnerships

Organizations that are on the ground and actively engaged in supporting music and the arts.

Centers and Institutions

Local, national and international institutions dedicated to supporting the arts.

Councils, Commissions and Committees

Local and national bodies established to provide support to the arts.

Research Centers and Programs

Places where research is being conducted on the impact of arts education.

Educational Organizations

Educational insitutions and associations dedicated to the arts.

U.S. Districts and Schools

School districts and schools that have made a commitment to music education.

Publications and Online Resources

A listing of useful publications and internet resources, dedicated to covering this sector.