Pacoima Elementary School

Pacoima Elementary School strives to create an environment that fosters a high-quality educational experience for all children. It aims to prepare students for college and career by holding high academic expectations, nurturing positive social-emotional growth, developing strong literacy, as well as aptitude in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and a strong emphasis on arts skills.

Pacoima Elementary School had no existing instrumental instruction program less than two years ago. Since then, it has grown from 15 violin students performing on instruments donated by LAV to a thriving after-school violin program featuring over 100 violin students, and performing at performance events throughout Southern California. This is all thanks to the dedicated work of Ms. Sandra Ortiz, principal violin instructor, and Ms. Sylvia Fajardo, school principal.

Pacoima Charter Elementary School is pleased to be adding violin classes given during regular school hours, an initiative co-sponsored by the Johnny Carson Foundation and the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra.

This joint sponsorship will ensure that all these classes continue in subsequent school years. The purpose of the classes is to enable one of the LAV's world-class musicians to lead a violin instruction class residency. During this residency, the students will be exposed to the benefits of studying music, of learning how to play an instrument and receiving musical education.