Vittorio Leone Ponti

Vittorio Leone Ponti

Making his orchestral debut with the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra, Vittorio Leone Ponti has been studying the piano in Los Angeles, California with Ivana Grubelic Malo since the age of six.

In addition to regularly participating in Ms. Malo’s studio concert classes, Vittorio performed at various California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) General Recitals and has already garnered accolades for musical excellence at local piano competitions and festivals.

These include a Third Prize and an Honorable Mention at the CAPMT Sonata and Sonatina Competitions of 2017 and 2019, respectively; a Musical Award at the Southern California Junior Bach Festival of 2019; an Honorable Mention at the CAPMT Romantic and Impressionist Competition of 2019; acclaimed performances at the Music Teacher’s Association of California’s Contemporary Festival in 2018 and, most recently, the division’s First Prize at the 2019 Southern California Junior Bach Festival Complete Works Audition Competition.

In his spare time, Vittorio enjoys playing chess and swimming with his friends, as well as performing piano and violin duets with his sister Beatrice.